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Nasa Pagyakap at Pagtanggap.
May 22, 2021
PITIK-BULAG: Searching for Forever
Our youth today is always asking, “Is there such a thing as forever?” We just smile. We realized this is also our question.
This question is coming from our own experience that everything in this world, including good things in our lives, is not lasting. Like any good gathering, a good song, a good day, or a good life, it will always end at some time. And when that “ending” comes, it gives us the pain and sadness of losing something which is good. And we sigh in helplessness, “I hope this thing will last forever.”
In our gospel today, Jesus is telling us that there’s FOREVER, and he’s giving us the key to achieving it. But we need to remind ourselves that the things that last forever are not “tangible things.” They are matters of the hearts and soul. They are heavenly things and not earthly things. Jesus said, “When you see me, your hearts will rejoice with a JOY THAT NO ONE CAN TAKE FROM YOU.” (John 16:23a). It is something that cannot be stolen from us, for they are Godly things.
Thus, the secret of finding things that will last forever, like lasting joy, peace, faith, and love, is in FINDING JESUS: “In asking anything in his name.” (John 16:23b).
In plain words, it means knowing, loving, and serving Jesus more. The more we do anything in the name of Jesus, the more we gain inner joy and fulfillment, and the more we become true to ourselves. Thus, finding Jesus and doing his will, would always lead us to FOREVER. Our search for lasting things end when we find Jesus in our life and embrace his holy will. I remember St Augustine’s words, “My heart is restless until it rests in God.”
In our first reading today, Apollos, an intelligent man, found his “forever” when he humbly listened to this simple couple, Priscilla and Aquila, as they explain to him “God’s new way in greater details.” (Acts 18:23-28). On the other hand, the couple found their “forever” when they devoted themselves to welcoming strangers in their home, feeding them, and sharing the gospel.
Let’s pause for a while in silence and reflect. What are you seeking today? What is your heart’s greatest desire? Are you seeking God’s will? Are you seeking things that are lasting?
Don’t spend all your energy and time today on your daily worries. It’s good to use some of your time and energy to lasting things. And you will never be disappointed.
A Prayer Seeking God’s Will
(from GC 36 of the Jesuits)
“God our Father, you are always near us: in silence and in action, in our solitude or with others, in the familiar and in the unexpected. May we always be aware of your Holy Presence, so that we can boldly seek and find you in all things, in all people we will meet, and in all our daily endeavors.
Help us to know Jesus more deeply, to see things as he sees, to love others as he loves, and to act as he would have us do. Fill us with your Spirit, so that we may love Jesus more intensely and follow him even more nearly.
We ask these lasting things, in Jesus’ name. Amen.
– Pitik-Bulag
May 15, 2021 – Saturday
Gospel Reading: John 16: 23b – 28
“I give you an assurance, whatever you ask the Father, he will give you in my name.”

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