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Aim for Magis, Aim for More

Isang Tasang Pag-ibig
July 13, 2020
July 14, 2020
PITIK-BULAG: Aim for Magis, Aim for More
The love of God is unconditional and constant. In spite of our unfaithfulness and endless falling out, He remains so consistent and true in saving us and understanding us. But sad to say, sometimes, we find ourselves abusing God’s generosity and love. We find ourselves not growing anymore and contented in our situation, knowing that God anyway will always be there to rescue us, to understand us, and to forgive us.
Yes, it’s clear that God’s unconditional love is here is to stay, but He expects us to grow also in all aspects of our life. He wants CONSTANT GROW, BIGGER HEART, DEEPER INTIMACY WITH HIM, AND BETTER SPIRITUAL LIFE WITH HIM. He wants us to move closer to Him every day. We should not stop growing for the rest of our lives.
In our gospel reading for today, the Lord scolded Chorazim and Betsaida for their failure to grow in their faith in spite of the miracles He performed to them. When someone was touched by God, it should transform his heart. God’s graces are given to us everyday, not simply enjoy them, but to share them. God healed us to heal others. Our experience of God’s love must not end in us. It should flow spontaneously to our neighbors who are in dire need of help. God wants us to grow. He wants to see spiritual fruits in our life. Not for His own profit, but for our own gain.
The gospel today is a wake-up call to us. God will never get tired of giving us countless chances. He is a God of love. But we need to be reminded that He is also a God of Justice. He expects us to deliver fruits, a return of investments, a growth in our spiritual life, and a deeper intimacy with Him.
In reality, God demands MAGIS from us. Magis means “more love, bigger heart, bigger steps, and longer arms to reach others in need.
Consider the following points for prayer. Are you growing in your spiritual life? In the midst of this pandemic, are you growing in faith or retarding? Check the following and see if you’re growing in faith:
1. Fruits of Prayer. Prayer leads us closer to Jesus. But prayer should lead us also to others. Prayer allows us to see the miseries of the world and move ourselves to take some action.
2. Experience of God’s love. Our experience of His daily blessings and unwavering protection should lead us to give our MAGIS or MORE. God is always giving EXTRA in everything for our satisfaction. Are you willing to GIVE MORE TO OTHERS? Are you willing to be more patient, forgiving, generous, and understanding to others?
3. Leaving our Comfort Zones. The love of God should lead us to leave our comfort zones and be at the service of others. We should learn to risk for others. We should accept that pain and suffering are hallmarks of loving. Pain and suffering allow us to grow spiritually.
4. Towards Christ-Centered spirituality. Examine your deepest desire. Look at your daily activities. Is it geared towards serving yourself or serving others? Where do you spend your talent, time, and treasure? Is it for the benefit of others or yourself?
5. A Closer Intimacy with Jesus. Are you one step closer to Jesus. Are you seeking to know, love, and serve Him more? In your prayer, are you seeking His Kingdom or just seeking His healing and blessings?
Evaluate yourselves with these five points. Know if you are growing or improving in these areas. If not, make some amendments and commit yourself to AIM FOR CHANGE. Yes, you may still have some falling out, but God remains constant and loving. But don’t be lukewarm and carefree, knowing that God will always be there to forgive us. Remember, our God of love is not only a God of love, but He is also a God of Justice. He will demand to see fruits from His labor. Not for His sake, but for us … for He wants us to experience the fullness of life as we grow maturely.
Don’t settle for what you have gained. Aim for magis. Aim for more. For love is expanding without rest.
– Pitik-Bulag.
July 13, 2020 – Tuesday
Gospel Reading: Matthew 11: 20-24

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