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Deliver Us from Evil

Small Beginnings
July 27, 2020
July 28, 2020
PITIK-BULAG: Deliver Us from Evil
The COVID-19 crisis is taking a toll on us. In spite of our efforts to flatten the curve of infection, more and more people are being infected by this dreaded virus. Due to the lack of common conscious concerted effort and our government’s failure to provide a comprehensive program to fight the virus, we found ourselves consciously making a personal effort not to get infected by the virus. Those who are really aware of the threat of the COVID-19 are doing their very best to protect themselves with all the protocols like wearing a mask and face shield, physical distancing, and staying home. Recognizing that there’s no vaccine yet to eliminate the virus, the ONLY OPTION LEFT TO US, ASIDE FROM ALL THOSE PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES, IS TO BOOST OUR IMMUNE SYSTEM by taking vitamins, good sleep, healthy food, physical exercise, and positive mental attitude. By building up our immune system, we are more confident to overcome the virus. In other words, since we don’t have the vaccine yet to eliminate the virus, build our INNER STRENGTH TO RESIST IT.
In our gospel today, the Lord privately explained to the disciples the parable of the weeds. The Lord is the sower, the good seeds are the children of the Kingdom, the weeds are the children of the evil one, and the enemy who sows them is the devil. There is indeed a BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL. Nobody can deny it. The battle between the two spiritual forces is evident in our society, community, family, and circle of friends. And the forces of darkness seem to win when violence, EJK, injustices, lies, deceits, broken families, graft and corruption, broken families, hatred, and depression rules our society. Our SILENCE in the midst of darkness encourages the Evil One to step up the attack. He can smell victory because the children of God are not taking a stand to fight him. We failed to understand that THE DEVIL HAS NO POWER OVER US, HE GETS HIS STRENGTH FROM OUR FEAR, INDECISIVENESS, DOUBTS, AND SINS. We forgot what the Lord told us, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33).
The gospel reminds us of the ongoing battle between GOOD AND EVIL. And the devil knows no rest in his desire to destroy us. To take us away from God is to put God into shame. And he will do his best to turn us into weeds.
Here are some points for your consideration in your prayer and reflection:
1. EVIL IS REAL. One of the devil’s temptations is to convince us that HE IS NOT EXISTING. That the idea of evil is just a mere mental construct. And once we believe he does not exist, we lost the sense of urgency to fight and destroy his evil works. We become complacent, lazy, and lukewarm. Yes, the devil is existing, look at your own personal experience on how he attacks your soul and your family as well. It’s tragic to believe that EVIL IS NOT EXISTING for we lose our sight of the enemy.
2. EVIL HAS NO POWER OVER US. In reality, the devil has no power in himself. He cannot manipulate or control us. We are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we have all the power to overcome evil. But sad to say, because of our lack of faith and sins, we failed to see the hidden power in us. The devil simply gets his power from our fear, indecisiveness, doubts, and inordinate attachments.
3. WE IGNORE THE DEVIL IN OUR PREACHING. We don’t teach the people the cunning presence of the evil spirit. Yes, we are aware of his presence in our midst, yet we don’t equip the people on how to overcome the temptations and deceits of the evil spirit. The devil is the prince of lies and deceits, thus, it is necessary to educate people of his evil plots and influence in our lives. Our unwillingness to speak about evil and his plots affords him to infiltrate our mind, family, and community and plant weeds in our minds.
4. THE IMPORTANCE OF DISCERNMENT OF SPIRITS. Since the enemy is the prince of lies and deceits, it is necessary for us to learn the art of detecting his presence in our midst. Prayerful reflection, the examination of our conscience, and critical thinking is a must to detect the hidden lies and evil schemes. We need to name in order to tame and defeat. Vigilance is necessary to avoid evil from planting bad weeds.
5. GOD IS ABOVE EVIL. He may have an upper hand at the moment. But the fault lies in us. We choose to be silent or insensitive to the darkness in our midst. We don’t immediately act when the weeds are about to be planted. We forgot that God is above evil and we have the power to overcome them. In the scripture, the Lord proposed that prayer and fasting are necessary to overcome evil (Matthew 17:21).
Like the COVID VIRUS, the devil is already in our midst. The battle between good and evil will last until the final judgment. Thus it is important for us to STRENGTHEN OUR SPIRITUAL IMMUNE SYSTEM to protect us from the snares of the devil and his cohorts. We need to take the WORD OF GOD as our spiritual vitamins. We need to spend MORE TIME TO PRAYER to build our spiritual strength. We need to be more KIND TO OTHERS to exercise our hearts. We need to eat good spiritual food by reading good books and thinking positively. We wear our SPIRITUAL FACE MASK BY LEARNING THE ART OF DISCERNMENT.
The COVID-19 will still stay with us for some time. Thus, don’t put your defense down. Be vigilant. You don’t see the virus. The battle between good and evil will stay with us until the final judgment, thus, be VIGILANT and DON’T PUT YOUR SPIRITUAL DEFENSE DOWN. COVID will not win over us unless we become careless. The evil will not win either unless we become insensitive, selfish, fearful, and anxious. Remember, he has no power. He simply gets his power from our fear, indecisiveness, and doubt.
O Lord, deliver us from COVID-A9. But most of all, deliver us from the snares of EVIL.
“For the glory of your name of Lord, deliver us.” – Psalm 79:8
– Pitik-Bulag
July 28, 2020 – Tuesday
Gospel Reading: Matthew 13: 36-43

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