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Leave Us Alone

Loving Thomas
July 8, 2020
Praying for Strength and Courage
July 8, 2020
PITIK-BULAG: Leave Us Alone
In our gospel today, Jesus confronted two evil spirits who were leaving in the cemetery. Because they were considered unclean, dangerous, and wild, they were expelled from the community and lived in the cemetery. They were marginalized and not important to the community, but they were important to Jesus. The people saw the evil spirits, but Jesus saw the possessed person needed to be saved.
Consider the following points for your reflection:
1. MIND YOU OWN BUSINESS. ” God, leave us alone.” The devil hates God interfering in their lives. They said, “What have you to do with us, Son of God?” (Matthew 8:29). Are we also like that? We don’t want others to interfere with our works. We don’t want to be corrected. We don’t want other’s opinions or suggestions or guidance. Remember, if the devil has nothing to do with Jesus, He has something to do with the two possessed person.
2. EVIL SPIRITS PROCLAMATION. The evil spirits knew Jesus well. They proclaimed He is the Son of God and has authority and power over them. Even to the point of begging Jesus to allow them to transfer to the pigs. Are you convinced that Jesus is the Son of God? Do you know Him well? Are you bold enough to proclaim Him as your Lord, Master, and friend? Unlike the devil, are you willing to allow Jesus to interfere in your life?
3. THE EVIL SPIRITS ULTIMATE DESTINY. The evil spirits knew their ultimate destination: doom and destruction. In the final analysis, they will never win. They know their coming failure and defeat. They said, “Have you come here to torment us before the time?” Are we confident enough to believe that good will win over evil in the end? Are you giving up in fighting against evil or in assisting lost souls? Do you have a “never die spirit” in your advocacy against violence, injustice, and all evil works? Remember, the evil spirit himself has expressed their defeat in the future.
4. INORDINATE ATTACHMENT. The evil spirit begged Jesus to leave them alone (Matthew 8:29). The people as well begged Him to leave them alone (Matthew 8:34). In reality, both groups were protecting something and did not want to lose them. The evil spirit did not want to lose their prized possession, the person. The people did not want to lose their prized wealth, the pigs. What about you? What are your inordinate attachments? What are the things that you’re having a hard time to let go, in the end, you are being possessed by them?
Bring these points in your prayer for consideration. The evil spirit has no power over us. God owns us and has power over us. But unfortunately, our sins, selfishness, and inordinate attachments stop us from surrendering our lives to Jesus. Because of our inability to surrender our possessions, the possessions possessed us.
– Pitik-Bulag.
July 1, 2020 – Wednesday
Gospel Reading: Matthew 8: 28-34

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