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Loving Thomas

Sinners Yet Called
July 8, 2020
Leave Us Alone
July 8, 2020
PITIK-BULAG: Loving Thomas
We may not like Thomas for doubting the resurrection of Jesus, but we are grateful to him for speaking out loud what’s in our hearts. He was honest with himself and everyone. He was brave enough to express his spiritual state. And Jesus admired Him for his honesty. Thus, with gentleness and kindness, Jesus accepted the challenge and showed his wounded hands and sides in order to believe. In the end, Thomas was more admirable as compared to other disciples because of his honesty and courage in spite of his doubt.
Consider the following points for your prayer. Evaluate your faith. Am I growing in my faith? How’s your spiritual maturity? Are you like Thomas? Or are you like the rest of the disciples?
1. THE FEARFUL DISCIPLES. They were not better than Thomas. In fact, they were worst than Thomas. They have seen the Lord, yet they remained fearful and anxious. They hesitated to leave their comfort zones. They did not have the courage to express their faith. Unlike Thomas, upon seeing Jesus, have expressed his faith, “My Lord and my God.”
To dispel their fear, Jesus said, “Peace be with you.” The antidote for fear is peace. His appearance in their midst assured them that they were not alone. Jesus was with them. Are you aware of Jesus’ presence in your life? What are the lingering fears that prevent you from leaving your comfort zones?
2. HURTING THOMAS. We may not like Thomas doubting the Lord’s resurrection. But to understand Thomas, we should see him as someone who is hurting. The dying of Jesus on the cross was too much for him to bear. He saw no meaning in Jesus’ pain, wounds, and dying. He could not comprehend that Jesus could transcend pain, suffering, and death. Thomas was more hurting than doubting.
Thus, Jesus treated him with kindness, gentleness, and love. Jesus did not criticize nor scolded him. He even accommodated his request by showing His wounded hands and sides. When Thomas saw the wounds, his wounded hurt was healed. After all, he realized that pain, suffering, and death on the cross were not meaningless at all. Thus, Thomas expressed his great faith, “My Lord and my God.”
In the midst of the COVID crisis, are you disappointed and hurting like Thomas? Are you demanding for signs like an immediate cure? Are you fearful like other the other disciples? Are you still in your comfort zones?
3. SACRED WOUNDS. The wounds of Jesus were not fresh anymore. They were no longer signs of sufferings and defeat, but signs of great love and sacrifice. Sufferings and love are twins. When someone chooses to love, he allows himself to be vulnerable to pain and suffering. Wounds are bearable when caused by love. Wounds caused by love are sacred wounds. They ceased to be meaningless.
Are you in pain or wounded for doing something right or good to someone? When Jesus showed his wounded hands and sides to Thomas, what did you feel? How do you handle your pain and heartaches in your life? Are you remorseful because of your deep pain?
Our faith in God needs to grow. When we remain in our comfort zones or when we remain in our tears and fears, we don’t grow in our faith. God is inviting us today to be bold and courageous in expressing our faith. During this time of the COVID crisis, we need more courageous disciples to heal wounds and bring peace to everyone.
– Pitik-Bulag.
July 3, 2020 – Feast of Saint Thomas
Gospel Reading: John 20: 24-29

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