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Moving Forward.

Good Things Take Time.
April 5, 2021
Kinalawkaw na Puso.
April 5, 2021
PITIK-BULAG: Moving Forward
Faith can keep us alive in the midst of our trials and crosses. But when one loses his faith, his spirit, passion, and love start to die. And we say, “Something is wrong with me. Something is dying in me. But I don’t know what it is.”
In this Lenten season, let’s pause and ask ourselves: How’s your inner life? How’s your energy level? Are you happy with yourself now? Any feelings that something died or dying in you? What is it? Can you identify them? Deep inside, you know that your inner struggles are connected to the quality of your relationship with God.
In our gospel today (John 4: 43-54), the royal official whose son was almost at the brink of dying, has decided to seek the help of Jesus. HE KNEW THAT JESUS WAS HIS LAST RECOURSE. And he knew also that Jesus could save his son.
The royal official pleaded, “Come down before my child dies.” To his surprise, Jesus simply said, “RETURN HOME. YOUR SON WILL LIVE.” Yet, without any question, the official trusted Jesus and returned home, and he learned upon arrival that his boy was cured.
Gospel Reading: John 4:43-54. Read prayerfully. Allow the story to sink in your heart. Taste and relish the love of Jesus.
Anything that is dying in you? What is it? Is it already dead or nearing death? Have you ever thought of coming to Jesus for help? If no, what stops you from coming to Jesus?
Jesus says … GO HOME. It’s a call or challenge to face yourself. Face your challenges, issues, ghost, sins, and temptations. The only way to heal ourselves is to face our adversaries, and most of the time, our main adversary is ourselves.
Points for Reflection: Two Main Ingredients of Healing
1. QUICK OBEDIENCE. Without any trace of doubt, the royal official quickly obeyed Jesus. He immediately went home to see his son. The words of Jesus were enough. Faith means full trust.
2. GO HOME. The instruction was to go home. Jesus wanted the royal official to face his challenges. Running away is not the solution. Facing our ghosts and issues is the only solution.
A Prayer to Move Forward
Dear God,
As the sun wakes me up this morning,
I beg you, Lord, send your light on me.
My heart wants to rejoice and be glad
in this wonderful day ahead of me,
but my heart is full of life’s regrets.
My spirit is confused and heavy as
I recall the mistakes I have done
in the past that haunts my spirit.
Give me the strength to snap out of it,
and move on to a better new life ahead.
O God, as I asked your pardon and mercy,
help me to forgive myself from all my faults.
Allow me to accept my past mistakes,
cast out all my regrets, and move on.
Let me pick up myself and rise.
O God, let me accept that past is past,
and I cannot change nor do something about it.
Instead, let me embrace and learn from them.
Yes, they are bitter and painful memories,
but give me the strength to let them go.
Never allow my regrets, woes, and sufferings,
not to see the grandeur of the present moment.
Let your forgiveness and unconditional love
free me from the bondage of my past sins,
and bring out a joyful and thankful spirit.
I am yours, Lord, let me move on today,
Let me rise, pick up my mat and walk.
You have created this beautiful day,
so let me rejoice and be glad in it,
and let my spirit soar with new hope.
Past is past, its time to wipe away
my tears, and cast out all my regrets.
O Lord, let me confidently wear today
the clothes of hope, strength, and joy,
as I put all my trust in you again.
– Pitik-Bulag
Gospel Reading: John 4: 43-54

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