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Our Daily Crossroad

A Heart Desiring to Love
August 31, 2020
September 1, 2020
PITIK-BULAG: Our Daily Crossroad
The pandemic season is a planting season for the evil spirit. This is a great opportunity for him to take advantage of people’s anxiety, fear, fatigue, and frustrations because of the COVID’s lingering presence in our midst. We don’t know when will it end? How will it end? What is the cure? How can we survive? Such countless questions without answers create a space of darkness. It is here where the devil plants more confusion, doubts, and anxieties in our hearts. In the end, he finally controls us as we dwell more on our negative thoughts rather than on the positive graces that surround us. There’s the rub! We are so distracted with the overwhelming bad news in our midst and failed to see the NEW BLESSINGS IN THE NEW NORMAL. When we are not aware of it, we are indirectly under the control of the evil spirits.
In our gospel today, we see Jesus going to Capernaum. The city is strategic to anyone who wishes to meet people. It’s the crossroads between two important roads leading to Asia Minor and Egypt. Jesus knew where to preach the good news.
It was here that Jesus met the man possessed by the evil spirit, in the busy crossroad of Capernaum where people decide their destination.
Consider the following in our prayer time.
1. Jesus meets us in our crossroads. (Discernment)
The pandemic season is a crossroad to all of us. Every day we find ourselves making a decision about what to do in our daily life. Whether we choose to be happy and positive or be gloomy, fearful, and anxious. Every single day is a crossroads. How do you decide? Where is your inclination? Towards the road to darkness or to light? Are you in control of your decision or do you allow your ill-emotions to decide for you? Be aware of how the evil spirit controls or manipulates you with his temptations, lies, and deceits.
2. Jesus wishes to heal you. (Being Possessed)
When you wake each morning, are you aware of the presence of Jesus? Are you aware of how your ill-feelings are controlling you? Do you see the workings of the evil spirit here? The evil spirit is taking advantage of your frustrations and fear by inserting more fear, anxiety, and lies in your heart. Today is another crossroad, choose the right decision that will bring a better positive outlook in this pandemic. Flight or fight? Count your blessings or count your miseries? Listen to Jesus or listen to the evil spirit? Remain in your fear and frustrations or leave your comfort zones and be part of the solution?
3. The call to prayer. (Grounding in God)
It is ironic that the devil knows Jesus well more than us. He said, “Let us alone! What have you to do with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? I know who you are, the Holy One of God (Luke 4:35).”
The evil spirit pleaded Jesus to leave them alone. It gives us a clue of how evil controls us. This is where the evil possession happens – when we are convinced that we don’t need God in our life. But when someone goes to prayer, he admits the importance of God in his life. In prayer, we are enlightened and see the right route to take.
4. Be Quite. (The Importance of Silence)
The secret of good prayer lies in our disposition to be quite. Silence calms us to ground our two feet on the ground. To leave everything to God and trust His mysterious ways. Anxieties and fear in our hearts make us restless. We cannot wait on God anymore to act, we desire a quick solution to our problems. We take everything in our hands without consulting God. In the end, we make the wrong decisions as we follow the surge of our emotions. Don’t listen to the noises of your restlessness and fears. Be quiet. Listen to God’s peaceful voices and let HIm cast the evil spirit in you.
Jesus is our Lord. He has the authority to cast away the evil spirits in our hearts. Trust Him. He knows what’s best for us. Be aware of how the evil spirit takes advantage of our ill-emotions to control us. Jesus is inviting you to simply meet HIm in our morning crossroad, in prayer. And you will never commit a mistake in taking the right path towards peace, happiness, and meaningful life.
– Fr. Willy M. Samson, SJ
September 1, 2020
Gospel Reading: Luke 4: 31-37

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