Sinners Yet Called

July 8, 2020
Loving Thomas
July 8, 2020
PITIK-BULAG: Sinners Yet Called
Today’s gospel reminds us of God’s invitation to become one of His apostles. But knowing our limitations, unfaithfulness, and lack of faith, we are aware of our unworthiness of joining the Lord’s team to save people, console the wounded, and heal the sick.
But the call to serve God is a grace in itself. It is Him who chose us, not us. We may not understand His mind for choosing us, but full trust is given to us. We are thrilled to know He believes in us. He sees something beautiful in us. We are in awe and in disbelief. We tried ignoring the invitation to join His team and resist the call in disbelief. We tried running away, but the call disturbs us. Ironically, deep down in our hearts, something is becoming alive! For someone noticed us! We are found! We are special! And we found ourselves consoled and grateful for being chosen.
Consider the following points for your own reflection. Relish the thought of the trust given to us by our Lord. We are not randomly chosen from the rest of the crowd. We are called by our name and given the opportunity to walk with Jesus side by side.
1. The Call and His Assurance
“Jesus summoned his Twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits to drive them out and to cure every disease and every illness.” (Matthew 10:1).
The call to discipleship is one of the best blessings we received from God. Knowing our unworthiness and limitations, we are wondering why us and not others? There are better candidates than us, holier than us. And yet the Lord personally chose us! Insecurities and anxieties flood our minds. Selfishness runs in our veins. Are we worthy of this calling? Are we destined to do greater things?
But Jesus knows us better. He uses the divine lens when He looks at us. We see our limitations, but God sees our potentials. He sees the lingering insecurities and doubts written all over our faces but sees the potential miracle worker in us. To lessen our fears and assures us of the call, He gives us the authority to cast out evil spirits, cure the sick, and preach the gospel. All He wants from us is our BIG YES … and we shall see miracles in our life.
2. The Naming of the Twelve.
Looking at the shortlist of the Lord’s chosen disciples, a mixed feeling of consolation, joy, and confidence floods our souls. The disciples were practically ordinary folks. They were unknown to society and ignored by the majority. Most of them were fishermen, sinners, and nobodies. Yet, they were personally handpicked and called by Jesus Himself! The Lord knew them by name! He knew them well inside and outside. The Lord knew their weaknesses and limitations, yet He entrusted to them His great mission.
The Lord knows our name too. He knows our core issues and concerns. And yet, He is willing to entrust His Kingdom to our care. He can see something wonderful is us. He wants us to discover our unused potentials, undiscovered gifts, and unappreciated inner beauty. Love can see beautiful things. Love goes beyond the externals, limitations, and shortcomings. Love forgives and gives new chances to sinners. Love creates new opportunities for rejects and nameless. Love is willing to take risks.
3. The Mission to Seek the Lost
The disciples were summoned to preach the good news of God in all corners of the world. But as beginners, the Lord wanted to start the ball rolling in their hometown Israel, “Do not go into pagan territory or enter a Samaritan town. Go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” (Matthew 10:6).
Training begins at home. Charity begins at home. Our ministry should be honed at home as we seek the lost sheep in our own backyard. Most of the time, we found ourselves generous and charitable to others, but cold to our families and friends. Sometimes, it is easier to forgive others than ourselves. Sometimes, we can lend our ears to others, but seldom to our friends and family. We are like flowers blossoming in the garden of others, but we remained unfruitful in our own soil.
Set your eyes first on your own family and community. They deserve your personal care too. Who are the lost sheep in your own backyard? Take some extra time to know, love, and serve them. They also deserve your loving presence.
– Pitik-Bulag
July 8, 2020 – Wednesday
Gospel Reading: Matthew 10: 1-7

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