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Steward of God’s Creation

The Inseparable Twin
August 21, 2020
August 21, 2020
PITIK-BULAG: Steward of God’s Creation
God of all creatures,
let me praise your Name
for your magnificent creation.
You have blessed my life with plenty,
let me bless others with my life too.
Use me according to your will.
Like the morning cool breeze,
let me bring peace to those
living in anxieties and fear.
Like the rising golden sun,
let me bring light and hope
to those living in darkness.
Like the singing birds,
let me bring consolation
to those living in sadness.
Like the butterflies who pollinate flowers,
let me bring encouragement and challenges
to those who have lost their devotion and fire.
Like the beautiful flowers in the fields,
let me bring fragrance, beauty, and love
to our daily ordinary routine and work.
I am part of your beautiful creation,
and you wonderfully created me
in your own image and likeness.
Let me bring ORDER and not chaos.
Let me bring JOY and not sorrow.
Let me bring PEACE and not discord.
Let me bring UNITY and not division.
Let me bring UNDERSTANDING and not confusion.
Let me bring HEALING and not wounds.
Let me bring LIGHT and not darkness.
Let me bring LOVE and not hatred.
Let me bring LIFE and not death.
And let me bring YOU and not myself.
Use me to bring good vibes,
renewed hope and consoling love
to every person, I will meet today.
I am your servant creature,
use me as you wish.
– Pitik-Bulag

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