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Teach Us to Pray More

The Necessary Balance
October 6, 2020
Push, push, push!
October 8, 2020
PITIK-BULAG: Teach Us to Pray More
It was unlikely and surprising to hear the disciples asking the Lord to teach them how to pray. Why such an unexpected request from the disciples who were accustomed to pray like any other Jews? Maybe because they have seen Jesus prayed. They saw His great devotion in prayer. They witnessed how their Master’s prayer molded and changed Him to a better person. Thus, they wanted more from their prayer. They wished to learn how Jesus pray by knowing His secrets, techniques, and the content of His prayers. The disciples wanted a prayer that will change their lives into a better person like Jesus.
In response to their request, Jesus lovingly gave them the prayer, OUR FATHER. A prayer that contains everything. He did not give them His methods of praying but gave them the CONTENTS OF A GOOD PRAYER.
OUR FATHER is divided into four parts. Something that we need to look at with regard to our prayer. We are also looking for more in our prayer. We want a prayer that is life-changing and life-defining. A prayer that will bring us to a higher level of communion with God.
“Our Father, hallowed be your name.Your kingdom come.” (Luke 11:2)
At the beginning of our prayer, we are encouraged to praise God in four ways:
a. Recognition that God is our Father who provides everything. We are invited to place all our cares in Him.
b. We desire that His Name will be Holy (in our life).
c. We desire that His Kingdom will come (in our life).
d. We desire that His Will be done (in our life).
How? By doing His will, we allow His Kingdom to come to us. And by allowing Him to rule us as our King and Savior, we make His name Holy.
We desire for two kinds of bread:
a. God’s earthly provisions (earthly manna from heaven) … daily food, daily needs, health, security, house, education …
b. God’s divine provision (divine manna) … being nourished by the Word of God.
We desire for God’s forgiveness from our sins everyday, while remembering that God always forgives us. It makes us easy to forgive others while remembering His endless mercy to us. Gratitude to God plays a very important role here in disposing ourselves to be more merciful and understanding to others.
How? By desiring for guidance and deliverance from evil, his evil cohorts, deceits, lies, and temptations. In order to achieve this, we are invited to pray for the DISCERNMENT OF SPIRIT always.
Remember King Solomon when he asked for wisdom instead of earthly wealth? Remember the blind Bartimaeus when he asked for sight rather than money or food from Jesus? Remember Jesus when he used the Scriptures to defend himself against the devil?
The Lord wants us to evaluate and reform our prayer. It is not a matter of knowing the best technique, but more on knowing what should be the content of our prayers. In the end, what brings changes to someone in prayer, is not the technique, but his o her desire to know the will of God and do it.
– Fr. Wilfredo M. Samson, SJ
October 7, 2020 – Wednesday
Gospel Reading: Luke 11: 1 – 4

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