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The Lazarus in My Life.

Makitagay kay Hesus.
April 5, 2021
Walang Utang na Loob.
April 5, 2021
The Lazarus in My Life
We are surrounded by many Lazaruses in our life. Some of them are so close to us – and yet we don’t see them. They are always begging for our time and compassion. But sad to say, we are busy with so many things. We don’t have time for them – for we spend most of our time for ourselves.
The gospel shows the great divide between the rich and the poor. The poor man Lazarus lacks everything. While the rich man enjoys everything. It was not mentioned that the rich man was evil or bad person. And yet he found himself in hell – by surprise! What was his sin to merit him the eternal fire?
BLAME IT TO OUR INSENSITIVITY. The rich man has one BIG SIN – his INSENSITIVITY. He was blind and deaf to the anguish of Lazarus. The rich man’s inability to share his blessings to this less fortunate neighbor merited him the wrath of God – and not His mercy. Why should God be merciful to him, if he was not equally merciful to the sufferings of others? Indeed, the measure we give for others will be the measure we will get from God (Matthew 7:2).
REVERSAL OF FATE. At that very moment, the rich man has everything and Lazarus has nothing. And so when both of them died, the REVERSAL OF FORTUNE took place, Lazarus possessed everything including GOD’S ETERNAL CONSOLATION AN CARE, while the rich man lost everything, including God’s mercy and compassion.
This Lenten season, stop for a while and reflect. What are your graces? Do you regularly share your graces to the Lazaruses in your midst? Did you neglect or ignore someone lately?
DEATH EQUALIZES EVERYTHING. Death is the greatest social equalizer. All earthly possessions, power, and prestige are useless when death comes. In the next life to come, those who suffered in this world will be rewarded, and those who enjoyed so much, without sharing their blessings and time, will be punished.
This Lenten season, we are asked to share our blessings with others, especially the poorest of the poor. Let’s pray fervently for our hearts’ transformation, so that we may see the Lazaruses in our midst, and never ignore them anymore.
Let Me Be Your Presence
Dear God,
I thank you for this beautiful day,
and for the blessings that await me.
My heart knows – I don’t deserve your love,
and yet you lavished my life with plenty.
My words are not enough to thank you.
As I begin this new and beautiful day,
let me be like you – ever generous and caring.
Lend me your heart – always sensitive to others.
Rekindle the fire of mercy and love in me,
and wash away all my sins and selfishness,
that I may quickly respond to those in need.
O Lord, open my EYES,
let me see the wounds of others,
disturb me from my comfort zones.
O Lord, open my EARS
let me hear the cry of the poor,
and prompt me to quickly act on it.
O Lord, never allow my busy work,
and my greed for earthly possessions,
not to see my Lazarus in my doorsteps.
Allow me to stop and listen to their woes.
Allow me to pause and heal their wounds.
Allow me to lend a hand and empower them.
Allow me to sit for a while and entertain them.
Allow me to laugh, cry and commune with them.
And allow me to eat with them and be their friend.
I am also a Lazarus in your eyes – wounded and hungry,
but you rescued me from my miseries, pain, and sins.
How can I thank you for giving me new hope and life?
O Lord, please open my eyes wide,
let me see my Lazarus on my doorsteps,
and let me BE YOUR PRESENCE to them TODAY.
– Pitik-Bulag
March 1, 2018 – Thursday
Gospel Reading: Luke 16: 19-31

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