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The Vultures Gather

God in Our Midst
November 12, 2020
Pray Without Ceasing
November 14, 2020
PITIK-BULAG: The Vultures Gather
The recent two powerful typhoons brought countless destruction of properties, houses, and agricultural farms. In spite of our years of experience with calamities, we still caught unaware of the fury of each typhoon. People remained unprepared for calamities such as typhoons, floods, and pandemic. Natural calamities could easily destroy and disrupt our daily life routine. Reminding us that everything is not permanent. All is temporal. Everything will pass away.
This is also what Jesus wants to convey in our gospel today. Like a typhoon or a thief, no one knows when is the exact day of the coming of the Son of Man. But knowing the exact hour of the fateful day will not give us security. Our security will come from our spiritual preparedness.
Are we ready now? Are we prepared to face Him? Do we have enough returns from His investments to us? Do we still have enough oil as we wait for His coming? Would He say to us, “Come here my beloved child, you have done great things to the least of my brothers and sisters?”
The past gospel readings gave us some important points for consideration in terms of security and preparedness for the Lord’s coming. Try to review, meditate, and reflect on them.
1. An invitation to be a Good Steward (Luke 16:1-8).
2. We cannot serve two masters, God and Money (Luke 16:9-15).
3. Be a Wise Servant, Secure Extra Oil (Matthew 25:1-13).
4. We are Mere Servants (Luke 17:7-10).
5. Be Grateful in All Things (Luke 17:11-19).
6. The Kingdom of God is Among Us (Luke 17:20-25).
And in today’s gospel, the Lord proposes another good way to prepare for His second coming: LOSE YOUR LIFE TO PRESERVE IT (Luke 17:33). It is in our kenosis (self-emptying) that we find ourselves being filled by God’s love and His presence.
The second coming of Jesus cannot be predicted, nor the day of our death. We need to be vigilant, wise, and ready. The challenge is to set our eyes on lasting things, not on temporal things. To focus on deepening our relationship with the Lord, rather than on the things of the world. We are invited to focus on loving, forgiving, caring, reaching out, healing, giving, sharing, and building relationships. The daily work and routine we do every day are useless without a higher purpose and meaning.
Where do you spend your time, treasure, and talent? Where do you find yourself most of the time? What moves your heart? What excites you upon waking up in the morning? Is it something lasting or pure earthly concerns?
The disciples asked Jesus when and where? And He replied, “Where the body is, there is also where the vulture will gather.” (Luke 17:37).
Two possible interpretations:
1. If we ignore the call to prepare for His coming and delay our desire to deepen our relationship with the Lord, the vultures or the evil may start seeing us as potential victims to prey at the end of times. Thus, the urgency to remain spiritually alive to avoid being the target of spiritual vultures.
2. The dead bodies of people are everywhere: poverty is everywhere, hunger, pandemic, flooded people, the sick and the dying, the wounded, the rejected, outcasts, and lost. They are the target of spiritual vultures. This is also the spot where we should be. The Lord is there. He wants us to be there too to protect the people against evil, death, and sickness. We don’t want to hear Jesus telling us, “I don’t know you.” (Matthew 25: 31-46, Mathew 7:21-23).
For those who are ready and prepared for God’s visitation, death is a friend, not an enemy.
– Fr. Wilfredo M. Samson, SJ
November 13, 2020 – Friday
Gospel Reading: Luke 17: 26-37

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