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When God Calls, He Equips

September 22, 2020
September 23, 2020
PITIK-BULAG: When God Calls, He Equips
All of us have different reactions to the pandemic in our midst. Some are still living in their fear. Some are still questioning God about it. But some have decided to set aside their fears, embraced the new normal, and made some doable works of mercy. I believe that many of us are desiring to help others, but fear and anxieties stop us from leaving our comfort zones.
Our gospel today is all about Jesus’ invitation to join Him in His ministry of caring souls. Knowing the disciples’ lack of experience and training in this new ministry and their feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness, Jesus gave them the NECESSARY GRACES to do their new job as bearers of good news. Fear of the unknown was the main hindrance for the disciples. Thus, Jesus gave them POWER AND AUTHORITY OVER ALL DEMONS, CURE THE SICK, and PROCLAIM THE KINGDOM OF GOD. From that moment, they dropped their role as disciples (students, listener) and take the new role as apostles (doers, action).
In our present situation where pandemic lingers, we are constantly being invited by the Lord to leave our fears, anxieties, and doubts and take some “little doable actions of mercy” to ease the sufferings in our midst. The virus will stay with us for a while. We cannot wait any longer before taking some actions to contribute some “signs of hope” in the midst of darkness. The Lord is summoning us to take “some calculated risk” to make a difference in the lives of people now. The poor need us now, more than ever. Apostleship is now! Fear is expected, but it should not stop us from seeking creative ways to assist others in the midst of danger. Going out of our comfort zones and thinking out of the box are the keys to fruitfulness in the pandemic.
Our gospel gives us some points for consideration to manage our fear and leave our comfort zones.
1. When God calls, He equips.
When Jesus summoned His apostles to join Him, He equipped them with power and authority to do their mission. In this pandemic, God is also giving us the necessary graces, wisdom, and strength to assist the needy according to our capacity, talents, and resources. (Luke 9:1-2).
2. When God calls, He wants us to leave our comfort zones.
A miracle takes place outside the comfort zones. Growth and genuine fulfillment begin when someone overcomes his fears, thinks less of himself, and thinks more of the others.
3. When God calls, He asks three things from us.
In our gospel, the Lord summoned the disciples to do three life-preserving tasks: Casting out evil spirits, healing the sick, and preaching the good news. As modern disciples, these jobs are given to us. The pandemic is the best moment to respond to these callings. Shine in the dark, not in the light.
4. When God calls, He provides.
The Lord instructed His disciples to leave everything, to depend on nothing but God alone. God will give us all the necessary graces and resources when we need them. Just trust Him and leave everything to Him.
He said, “Take nothing for your journey, no staff, nor bag, nor bread, nor money—not even an extra tunic. Whatever house you enter, stay there, and leave from there.” (Luke 9; 3-4).
5. When God calls, calculated risk is allowed.
God will never ask us to do something beyond our capacity. In this pandemic, we need to be practical too. We need to assess our capacity, health, and resources. But we cannot allow our fear and anxiety to take hold of us. The Lord is asking us a simple question: “Anong pwede mong gawin? Anong kaya mong gawin?” Let’s begin from there …and will see what’s next.
When we decide to love God and others, exposing ourselves to some forms of danger, pain and suffering are unavoidable. They are parts and parcel of loving and serving God.
– Fr. Willy M. Samson, SJ
September 23. 2020 – Wednesday
Gospel Reading: Luke 9: 1-6

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