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Listen Intently and Act Quickly.

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April 21, 2021
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April 26, 2021
PITIK-BULAG: Listen Intently and Act Quickly.
“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him.” (John 6:44).
The opening line of our gospel reading reveals an important reality that we need not forget: EVERYTHING IS GOD’S INITIATIVE. Everything is grace. We cannot claim, “It was my idea and initiative.” Not at all. It was simply given to you. You were simply inspired by the Divine God. We simply responded to God’s promptings. Even our own desire to draw closer to God and serve Him. In other words, without God’s initiative, we shall never come closer to Him.
Therefore, we should act immediately when we are inspired to pray in the morning. We should spend some quiet time in our prayer when our inner voice tells us to pause and pray. We should spend time with someone when we feel the promptings to listen. We should speak boldly when our conscience disturbs us in our silence. We should be more generous when we see someone in dire need. We should forgive someone if our heart reminds us of God’s infinite mercy to us. We should listen to the gentle voice to control our temper when we are tempted to say or do harsh action. And we should start accepting what we have now as part of the new normal that we are invited to live with.
The desire to know God comes from Him. It is His initiative. God is always calling us to respond to His invitation to COME, LISTEN AND LEARN FROM HIM. We are always invited to be LIKE HIM. Therefore, if we are super sensitive to God’s inner voice in our hearts, we will never be swayed and be tempted by the worldly desires or remain in our sadness, fear and darkness. When someone comes to God, he or she is always invited to rise and rise to the occasions.
Are you aware of God’s inner voice in your heart? Are you good at listening to his promptings? In crisis moments like this, where do you God is calling you to go? Jesus said, “They shall all be taught by God.” (John 6:45). But how? By simply listening to his gentle voice in our hearts that invites us to take the road to righteousness. It may be difficult, but it’s worth all our efforts.
Dear God,
give me the grace
to hear your gentle voice.
Help me to stop listening
to my own selfish desire,
or even to my negative feelings.
Instruct me what to do,
enlighten my confused mind,
and guide me to the right path.
Tame my useless pride,
cleanse my dirty mind,
and free me from my sins.
And after purifying my spirit
from sins and negative ill feelings,
fill my heart of your Spirit to the brim.
Inebriate me with your LOVE that heals,
revive me with your FIRE that energizes,
and renew my spirit with your NEW LIFE.
– Pitik-Bulag
April 30, 2020 – Thursday
Gospel Reading: John 6: 44-51
“”No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws Him.”

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