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November 24, 2020
Stay Awake and Pray
November 28, 2020
PITIK-BULAG: My Word Remains
Our gospel today is a continuation of the Lord’s apocalyptic discourse. Its main intention is not to frighten us but to warn and help us prepare for the imminent coming of the Kingdom. Knowing the date is not important. What matters most is our readiness for His coming, plus our joyful disposition to meet the Lord. We should anticipate His coming with a joyful disposition and not with fear. For those who are ready, the Lord’s coming brings excitement and thrill. But for those who are not ready, His coming could bring anxiety and restlessness.
In today’s gospel, the Lord uses the budding fig tree to illustrate the coming of the Kingdom. We may not know the date of His coming, but God is generous to give us some signs as warnings. We are not certain of the day of our death, but we are definite of this reality. We need to be more vigilant, ready, and awake.
When the Lord mentions the fig tree in our gospel, it reminds us of the parable of the fruitless fig tree (Luke 13:6-9). In this parable, the owner of the garden ordered the gardener to immediately terminate the fruitless tree. But the gardener begged the owner to give him extra time to make it fruitful. Without thinking, the owner granted the gardener’s request. Indeed, the Lord is very generous to us all the time. He gives us countless opportunities to make our lives fruitful and meaningful. But are we fruitful now? Do we have some fruits to show when the owner of our lives comes?
We may have spent most of our time and energy on possessing earthly treasures. But these things are passing by. We may have satisfaction from the material things we have acquired, but all these things are useless in the next life. Everything is temporary, changing, and unstable. They are like water in our hands. We can’t secure them forever. And these things could not secure us too to the next life.
Thus, the Lord proposes the WORD OF GOD as something that will last forever. His Word is permanent, fixed, and stable. It is something we could hold on to. It can provide permanent security to our souls. The Lord said, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” (Luke 21:33). Here are some proofs:
1. It has been 2,000 years since the death of our Lord, yet through generations, we witness faithful followers of the Word doing mighty works.
2. The Word of God remains alive and active up to the present. It consoles us in our daily prayer and guides our moral actions.
3. Through generations, all evil empires who persecuted the bearers of the Good News have collapsed. The Word of God remains stable up to the present.
4. The Word of God remains in the hearts of every Christian, transforming us to righteousness and holiness.
We are not getting any younger every day. Look at the mirror. Look at your face, your hair, and your body. Signs are written all over your body. Nothing is permanent, including our life. Wake up. If the Lord’s Kingdom will come today, are you ready to meet Him face to face?
– Fr. Willy M. Samson, SJ
November 27, 2020 – Friday
Gospel Reading: Luke 21: 29-33

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