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Nine Things I Have Learned from Saint Ignatius of Loyola

July 30, 2020
July 31, 2020
PITIK-BULAG: Nine Things I Have Learned from Saint Ignatius of Loyola
1. STRETCHING IS PAINFUL BUT IT PAYS. Saint Ignatius of Loyola taught us the value of “giving more” than what we can give. He wants us to stretch ourselves. He wants us to love more and grow more. The miracles in our lives will only happen beyond our comfort zones. The road to success might be painful and may demand a few big sacrifices, but to stretch ourselves and do the will of God is the only way to a more meaningful and happy life. (Magis)
2. PRESENCE MAKES SENSE. Presence is love. We may not have the three Ps of life – Possessions, Power, and Prestige – but we have the love of God to share. Deep in our hearts is the love of Christ. Such unconditional love of Christ ignites our hearts to leave our comfort zones and touch the hearts of many. For love is not genuine when our presence is absent. (Cura Personalis)
3. GOD IS NOT A QUITTER. We are perennial sinners, doubters, and slow learners of God’s holy will. And yet, God is patient, understanding, and trusting. He is not a quitter when it comes to loving us. We have lots of dark spots in our souls. The good news is – we have a good spot in God’s heart. He sees our good potentials, and not only our sins. (Sinners yet called by God.)
4. STOP, LOOK, AND DISCERN. The devil is good at playing tricks. If we are not vigilant in catching his tail, we are bound to deceived by the beauty of his face. (Discernment of Spirit)
5. BEGGING FOR AN INNER LENS. God is present everywhere. We need to learn the art of seeing God in all situations, including in our darkness, failures, and difficulties. St Ignatius wants us to ground our faith in prayer – to gain an inner lens for discernment. For we walk by faith, not by sight. (To see God in all things)
6. TO THE PERIPHERIES. We have heard this call from Pope Francis. The challenge to go to the frontier is clear in the mind of Saint Ignatius – to take the road less traveled where nobody wants to walk. As children of Saint Ignatius, we are in our element when we are with the poor, marginalized, and the oppressed. (Men and Women for Others, with Others)
7. BITTER PILLS FOR BETTER LIFE. Ignatian Spirituality is Cruci-Centrix: The source of our strength is the passion and death of Christ. The crucifixion is the apex of Christ’s self-offering for God’s greater glory. Following Jesus would mean dying to ourselves. Ironically, the more we die for others, the more we live for God. (Cruci-centrix)
8. WE ARE BLESSED TO BLESS. We are so blessed by God. But the blessings we enjoy are not only meant for ourselves. We are blessed to bless the less fortunate. Everything is a gift. God gave us more than we need. Our hearts are overflowing with joy. Therefore, with a grateful heart, we are moved to return everything to Him – for His greater glory. (Sucipe – Total Offering of Self)
9. MINIONS ARE NOT EVIL. Minions are talented and faithful creatures of God, sad to say, they love to serve bad masters. But they are not really bad. They are simply disoriented and miseducated. Saint Ignatius of Loyola saw the importance of quality education as the best way to good life and progress. We have thousands of talented and loving Minions in our schools. It is our mission to lead them to the real Master – Our Lord Jesus. (Ministry of Teaching)
– Pitik-Bulag
(This is taken from PITIK-BULAG BOOK 2: POCKETS OF GRACES – Wilfredo Samson, SJ)

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