Money is Not the Problem, It’s Us.

Be Wise and Heartful
November 7, 2020
Extra-Oil, Extra-Faith
November 8, 2020
PITIK-BULAG: Money is Not the Problem, It’s Us.
Excessive love of money brings eternal damnation. Everyone knows this moral norm. Everybody says he or she loves God more than anything, including money. Yet, our action speaks otherwise. In spite of our awareness that money is a bad master, we still fall into its enticing trap of deceits and lies. We are slow learners in handling wealth. We easily forgot all the warnings against loving money excessively when it begins dancing in front of us.
Our gospel today offers some practical advice on how to effectively handle wealth entrusted to us, especially money. Money is a huge blessing. It is not evil per se. Money can do wonderful things for us and for others. It is a good servant but a bad master. Thus, we are invited to manage the so-called “unrighteous mammon” with great care and caution. For money’s enticing presence and power can easily put our weak spirit into a trance.
Here are some points for consideration in managing the wealth or money entrusted to us:
1. Money is a MIRACLE WORKER. It is a good servant at our disposal to help others and bring a better world. But beware, it is a bad master when we begin using them for our own benefit alone.
2. Money is an UNRIGHTEOUS MAMMON. Mammon means wealth, therefore it could be money in our context. It is unrighteous because:
a. Money promises much but it cannot give everything, especially eternal things.
b. Money promises happiness and satisfaction, but not lasting.
c. Money promises to provide everything, but not love.
d. We sought money in our lifetime but robs our desire for heaven.
3. Be a WISE INVESTOR. Invest your money in eternal things. Let money serves you by becoming a good steward or manager of God’s graces. Use it for the betterment of everyone, not just ourselves. Be on top of the money, not the money on top of you.
The Lord is inviting us to be a good steward in handling our wealth. How can He trust us with big things (eternal things) if we are not capable of handling small things (earthly things like money)? (Luke 16:10-11).
I remember a quote: “So God is testing men by giving them money, that He may know how far to trust them in the mart of the New Jerusalem.” (Meyer)
As long as we live on earth, wealth like money and properties will remain important to us. We need money to run our church, community, and country. We need money to buy food, to educate our children, and give us a modest living. We need money for everything we do for others. But we need to take extra care in handling money to avoid any form of temptation.
Money is not the real enemy. Our enemy is ourselves, our selfish desire to accumulate things. We are easily lured by the power of money. Thus, we need to take extra precautions, lots of prayers, and discernment in managing our wealth. Let’s discipline ourselves in handling money. We don’t want our selfish selves to convince us that money is everything.
Money is not a problem. It’s us.
Money is not the root of all evil. It’s our selfish desire.
– Fr. Willy M. Samson, SJ
November 7, 2020
Gospel Reading: Luke 16: 9-15

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