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November 13, 2020
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November 15, 2020
PITIK-BULAG: Pray Without Ceasing
Prayer plays a very important role in the life of Jesus. Whenever the opportunity comes, He will seize the moment to pray and commune with His Father. He knows He cannot live without prayer. He knows the necessity of creating a sacred space to commune with His Father. Prayer gives Him the strength and courage to do the will of God, and do it well.
In our gospel today, the Lord is inviting us to pray without ceasing, especially during the moments of difficulties and challenges. Many of us are prayerful, but we easily give up when God seems so silent and far from us. Thus, undying persistence is necessary for our prayer. A never surrender attitude. Not to insist on what we want in our prayer. But to have the humility to listen to what God wants.
When the Lord encourages us to pray without ceasing, He is encouraging not only to insist on what we desire in our prayer but to consider what God wants. God is an answering God, but He answers us according to His plan.
The focal point of today’s parable is the widow’s admirable undying spirit to get what she desires. She sought justice and she got it because of her “kakulitan”. The evil judge gave in to her request for fear of being annoyed by the widow without rest. He knew her determination to persist. The lesson of the story is simple: pray continually and never lose heart. Push! Be aggressively humble in prayer. Prayer until something happens. Never give up. Never blink. God loves persistent people, for persistence is a sign of deep faith.
But what makes the widow persistent in prayer? What can we learn from her? Here are four things for consideration:
1. KNOW YOUR DEEPEST DESIRES. The widow knows what she wants, that is justice. When someone goes to prayer, he should focus on his deepest desire. Our life’s deepest desire gives us focus on our prayer. We do not get easily discouraged even if God seems so silent in our prayer. We persist. Remember what Jesus said to Bartimaeus, “What do you want me to do for you?”
2. SEEK HIS WILL NOT YOURS. Prayer purifies our desires. For not everything we desire is good for us. Our foresight and understanding of things are not perfect. Sometimes, God’s will and ours are totally different. When it happens, we should have the courage to persist in prayer, and seek His. God knows what’s best for us.
3. PERSISTENCE PAYS IN THE END. Winners are not quitters. The powerful insensitive judge gave in to the request of the widow for her persistence. Genuine prayer will always have good results.
4. CREATE A SACRED SPACE IN YOUR LIFE. Every person should have time with the Lord every day. The Lord knows the importance of prayer. It is his oasis of strength, consolation, healing, and understanding. In prayer, we receive glimpses of understanding of God’s mysterious ways. In prayer, we feel God’s unconditional love and protection.
What about you? Do you have a sacred space in your daily routine? Do you easily give up when God seems so quiet in your prayer? Are you discouraged easily? Why?
Prayer disposes us to be more hopeful, loving and caring in our life. It makes us more energetic, joyful, and sensitive to the feelings of others. We benefit a lot from our daily prayer. Thus, we need to pray continuously without ceasing.
– Fr. Wilfredo M. Samson, SJ
November 14, 2020 – Saturday
Gospel Reading: Luke 18: 1-8

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