Small Beginnings

July 26, 2020
Deliver Us from Evil
July 28, 2020
PITIK-BULAG: Small Beginnings
Human as we are, we give great value to big things. We are inclined to count success with quantities and not on qualities. We love huge celebrations, big parties, grand projects, fireworks in beginnings, and mind-blowing finale. We are living in a culture where success is in BIG THINGS. Small things are nothing. Go for the big bang! Thus, in this environment, we failed to see the hidden greatness in small things, in humble work, and in our day to day routine of performing ordinary works.
Just imagine the feelings of the disciples in front of the religious leaders and the crowd. Knowing themselves as simple folks, ordinary fishermen, sinners, and unschooled, they must have felt great insecurities, fear, and anxiety in preaching the Kingdom of God. They were nothing and nobody. Why them and not the Pharisees and the learned?
Like the disciples, we share the same feeling of being small, insignificant, and not worthy of the call. We asked God, “Why me?” And the Lord replied, “Why not you?”
God looks at us in a different way. He sees our hidden giftedness and the potential to make a difference in the lives of others. It is a matter of accompanying us to discover our hidden talents, cultivate them, and let it grow slowly in front of us. There is something big in small things. Small beginnings may end up with great endings. Small acts of kindness may change someone’s life for good. A simple smile can heal a hurting soul. A cup of water for the thirsty may earn you a reward in heaven. As Mother Therese would say,
““Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Don’t forget, the huge universal Catholic Church with billions of members started with the 12 simple folks called by the Lord. Don’t forget that our long journey in life started with one humble step.
Consider the following points in your prayer today:
1. BIG IN SMALL THINGS. There is something big in small things done with great love. It is the love that makes something big, not the quantity of work, nor the hugeness of the project. In fact, our mere presence with someone can move hearts better than golds. Are you a believer in doing small acts of kindness to anyone?
2. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Like a mustard seed, there are hidden potentials that need cultivating in us. But we need to believe in ourselves first. Growth will not come if we don’t have faith in ourselves and in the God who created us. Mary and Joseph were ordinary people, yet God appointed them as parents of Jesus. Peter was just a fisherman, yet the Lord entrusted to him the keys of heaven.
3. HAVE FAITH AND BE PATIENT. it takes a while for the mustard seed to become a huge tree. We are also invited to continue believing in ourselves and in God and have loads of patience. Growth will not come to us easily. Growth is the fruit of our commitment to rise each time we fall, of our daily prayer and reflection, of forgiving ourselves from our mistakes, of believing in ourselves, and trusting that God will be with us always.
4. DON’T ISOLATE YOURSELF. BE IN THE COMMUNITY. The yeast is nothing without the dough. It can only release its potential when mixed with the dough. There’s no growth outside our family, friends, and community. Our involvement with great love in the community will always bring miracle in ourselves and in our community.
– Pitik-Bulag
July 27, 2020 – Monday
Gospel Reading: Matthew 13: 31-35

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